• Manual Electrostatic Low Pressure GUN
    Combines flexibility and efficiency
    For your business and your success!
  • Lightweight electrostatic gun
    Outstanding finish quality
    High voltage & Current for more paint savings

Customer Benefits
Increased operator comfort & reduced fatigue

NANOGUN-MV delivers a high quality finish for more paint savings. It is the most lightweight electrostatic gun on the market and delivers both high current and voltage, guaranteeing:
- Optimal paint electric charge - Efficient paint transportation to the part

Two versions depending on your needs:

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NANOGUN-MV is SAMES brand new electrostatic gun. It has specially been designed for spraying liquid paints in low pressure way in many markets such as aerospace, agricultural & construction, metallic furniture, wood and automotive industries.



  • Plastics industry

    • Aeronautic
    • Electronic and electrical equipment finishing
    • Renewable energies (wind/solar)
    • Cycles & Motorcycles
    • Automotive

  • Metal industry

    • Cycles & Motorcycles
    • Aluminium profiles
    • Metallic furniture
    • Automotive
    • Agriculture & Construction equipment
    • Drums/containers

  • Wood industry

    • Kitchen and bathroom equipment
    • Furniture
    • Exterior joinery


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